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Execute your ingenuity and harness the power of your purpose with a collaborative branding program that enables you to crystalize your story and be raised above the competition.

The Brand Exploration Program

You need impactful brand messaging that accurately evokes who you are and why you matter.

This is where brand becomes a living and breathing entity. You need a collaborative workshop program that extracts your genius and vision so that you can thoroughly document your business purpose, differentiation, and ultimately how you solve your customer’s problem.


$3,500 – $12,500

The Process

  • The program is delivered over a series of six separate 1.5-hour Zoom workshop sessions
  • The estimated completion timeframe is only 3 – 4 weeks, with 1 – 2 sessions held each week
  • It is recommended that a max of four people attend sessions to ensure a streamlined process
  • Each session covers a section of the Ennobble Brand Playbook to accomplish outcomes
  • There is no pre-work before the program begins nor any homework between sessions
  • Ennobble will take notes during each session to capture a record of work accomplished
  • An updated draft of the Ennobble Brand Playbook will be provided after each session

The Outcomes

  • Articulation of your brand’s values, personality, and tone of voice
  • Clarification of your brand’s top three (3) target audiences’ values and needs
  • Definition of your organization’s vision and mission statements
  • Development of your tagline, value proposition statements and differentiators
  • Positioning statements plus supporting details for your product / service offerings
  • Construction of your social media bio to use across all social channels
  • Creation of two variations of a powerful 30-second elevator pitch
  • Formulation of a written brand story that summarizes your message

The Application

  • Receive a final copy of the Ennobble Brand Playbook outlining your final brand message
  • Obtain a step-by-step tactical plan on how to implement your brand across your website
  • Gain clarity on how to utilize your brand for prospecting and networking scenarios
  • Learn how to execute your brand across your various digital marketing platforms
  • Garner insights on how to insert your brand into your pitch decks and presentations
  • Discover how to leverage your brand inside your operations and cultural development
  • Develop a plan to practically execute your brand throughout your printed collateral

The Fine Print

Scope of Deliverables

The only deliverables for Ennōbble Brand Exploration, Branded Collateral, and Program Development packages are found at Anything beyond the deliverables found here will not be provided unless a custom quote is provided based on specific client requirements.

Payment Terms

Ennōbble’s services will not exceed the amount listed for the Brand Exploration, Branded Collateral, and Program Development Packages, unless the client has requested a customized quote for a project that includes scope of work outside of what is provided in these packages. Payment of 50% of the estimated services charge is due prior to Ennōbble beginning work. Thereafter payment will be due as follows: 50% of the estimated service charge will be due upon completion of work.

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