Evidence of Elevation

From startups to enterprises, learn why businesses leverage us as a trusted partner in helping them in crafting a brand message that catapults them toward tangible, impactful growth.

Client Stories

Stadia Ventures

Kate is a friend, a partner and brilliant at what she does. Kate can benefit any organization, no matter what size and has the unique ability to understand and show empathy to people. We have a saying that we only work with “good people” – Well, Kate meet’s that and so much more. She has truly benefited our startups, been a great partner, and through her actions with our companies we realized the need to hire Kate for us. The experience was needed, successful and effective. We now use what she built on a daily basis. I 1000% recommend Kate to any company looking to leverage her skills to build your brand story. You won’t regret it.

~ Alex Chalmers, Managing Partner, Stadia Ventures

Good Leadership

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kate at Ennoble. We were impressed with the time she took to understand our business, and how she pushed us in the right direction to where we wanted to go with our brand.

Kate’s ability to take rough concepts and craft them into catchy and eloquent phrases that propelled our brand into its next iteration are unparalleled. I whole heartedly recommend any one who is looking to step up to the next level in communication work with her.

~ Paul Batz, CEO and Founder, Good Leadership

Authentic Brand

I never thought I’d engage an external brand / messaging expert to help shape our brand story. After all, marketing is what we do, and storytelling is a personal passion for me. However, as the CEO and Founder of a fast-growing firm, I found myself facing the same messaging myopia that our clients experience. I was just too close to the story, and it was becoming too complex. Enter Kate, with her magical ability to make complicated stuff simple. Through a series of interactive (and fun!) workshops, Kate unlocked the most powerful and unique pieces of our brand story. She equipped us with a framework to train our team, and share a clear and consistent message across all of our channels and in every interaction. We could not be more pleased, and are delighted to recommend Kate as an Ally Network provider to our clients, as well!

~ Jennifer Zick, CEO, Authentic Brand

The Carolyn Brand Group

Kate is an extraordinary business professional. I had the pleasure of being her client. She codified my brand and took it to another level. Kate’s finished product created the basis for my website and social media. I walked away more confident about explaining my brand to prospects after my time with Kate. Kate is caring and considerate. Kate gets to know you and crystallizes your brand and persona while ensuring you come across as yourself. I highly recommend Kate and her company.

~ Carolyn Brand, CEO & Fractional HR Leader, The Carolyn Brand Group


We met Kate at an online happy hour, and I was intrigued by the clarity and simplicity of her introduction. I knew our messaging needed work, but as a founder I’m always weighing where to invest our capital. My instincts told me we should enlist her help, and my instincts weren’t wrong. She said our case was one of the most challenging she’d ever seen, but she took it on with a cheeriness and passion that made it approachable and fun. The result was better than I expected, and we’re really excited for the new direction we’re taking. Kate’s ability to dig in and help you articulate your “why” is unparalleled. She was methodical, meticulous, and masterful. I could not recommend the Ennobble process highly enough.

~ Robert McLaws, Co-Founder & CEO, BurnRate.io

Cappers Applications

We are in the process of branding and launching a new SaaS product and Kate was able to quickly and efficiently help us organize our thoughts and keep focused on the target clients. Very responsive and professional in all aspects of the assignment, she really helped us to help ourselves fully appreciate all aspects of our brand and how best to formulate our launch strategy. Her approach is rigorous, yet able to incorporate the necessary flexibility for the branding of a niche product. Looking forward to working with her in the future!

~ Liza Karpilovski, CEO & Co-Founder, Cappers Applications


From the moment we decided to begin working with Ennobble, Kate put us on a steady, direct path of discovery and incredible business value. We were particularly aggressive in scheduling our branding sessions with her, something I would recommend to you as well. As a result of this, Kate assembled a magnificent brand book for us within a matter of weeks. I am not exaggerating when I say that all Kate required of us was that we think hard and apply all of our expertise verbally while she took on all of the hard work of assembling the entirety of our branding and messaging work within a single efficient, comprehensive document. Work with Kate.

~ Andrew MacDowell, CMO, BabaFi

Myriad Creative

Kate’s insights, attention to detail, and ability to put words to your thoughts are second to none. I actually first met Kate at a marketing conference. She was speaking about the three pieces to a successful brand (the brand trifecta). She discussed the importance of being able to quickly, clearly communicate what makes you and your business different and better.

Towards the end of the talk, she had time for one question from the audience. I decided to put her on the spot and asked her why she was the best brand strategist in the world. Without hesitation she listed her tagline, value proposition statement and differentiators. The girl knocked it out of the park and everyone attending immediately burst into applause and cheered.

I immediately knew I wanted to work with Kate to help focus my own company’s branding. The weeks that followed were priceless and I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome. I’ve been recommending Kate to everyone I know.

~ Jon Wenzel, Founder & Creative Director, Myriad Creative


Clearly one of the best decisions I have made to date as the Founder and CEO of Chainstarters is engaging the services of Kate and her company Ennobble. I really believe that the branding help we got from Kate has been an essential ingredient in accelerating the growth of our company. Kate was able to quickly uncover Chainstarters’s true identity, and more importantly, our purpose. By the end of our sessions, I had a complete playbook that I regularly revisit in order to make sure that everything I do is consistent with our brand.  

~ Mike Berson, Founder & CEO, Chainstarters

Hello Temp

I first met Kate through the BETA.MN startup accelerator where she was presenting on the importance of message and brand to our fellow startups. If you are like me, you have a vision for your business, but it can be challenging to get the vision from your head onto paper. That is where Kate comes in! She was able to use a framework to extract the vision from our minds and get it into a full and cohesive branding playbook. The entire process was energizing, highly motivating, and might I add FUN. Working with Kate is the very definition of 1+1=3. She should be the “secret weapon” that every startup uses to supercharge their go-to-market efforts.

~ Ryan Tlustosch, CEO & Founder, Hello Temp

Options Minnesota

I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking to build a successful brand! She helped us do a large company rebrand for our family of companies where we ended up with individualized branding for each of our organizations that still maintained the overarching coordination we needed. She made the process fun for our entire team, and she maintained consistent communication throughout the entire project. She continued to check in after the project was completed and ensured that we had everything we needed for a successful launch!

~Jasmine Rognrud, Marketing & Outreach, Options Minnesota

Nix Biosensors

Kate has a very deliberate, no-nonsense approach to helping her clients achieve their objectives. I appreciated her willingness to flex the process to expedite the critical pieces of our branding project. Her demeanor was consistently pleasant, mixed with a level of persistence throughout our engagement. The end result has been intrinsic to our thoughtful evolution as a new brand and I would absolutely work with Kate again.

~ Colby Connell, CRO, Nix Biosensors

Twin Cities Film Fest

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kate and work with her on a Brand Refresh project for my Non Profit, Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF). Kate’s approach and dedication to her work is exemplary. Throughout the project, Kate kept an open mind and truly listened to every bit of information we provided her. She did a fantastic job in asking the right questions and empowering our internal team to think beyond the ‘basics’ and dig deeper into what our brand currently represents and what it should represent moving into the future. Kate’s diligent communication and her leadership throughout the entire process was excellent. I would highly recommend working alongside Kate

~ Jatin Setia, Founder & Executive Director, Twin Cities Film Fest


We met Kate through her involvement as a mentor on Stadia Ventures. We were so impressed with her evident skill as a mentor, we hired her to complete a deep dive into how we positioned our brand. In a few short weeks Kate completely reconstructed the vision of the company. She has an unparalleled ability to understand a complex product offering and deliver a simple and effective means of communicating it. She transformed our sales messaging across all our marketing materials, aligning them with a central, clear and impactful brand.

~ Ian Kenny, Co-Founder, Filmily

Hoby Wedler

We’ve been in business for several years and have worked with a wide variety of brand positioning and brand messaging consultants. Working with Kate DiLeo and Ennobble has been nothing short of amazing. Kate is punctual, extremely attentive, vastly intelligent, and brings so much good-natured energy to her work. She is an excellent writer and has an unparalleled ability to listen intently, distill what she’s heard, and perfectly position and write messaging for brands. Our work with Kate was nothing short of incredible and I recommend her services wherever I can.

In particular, we run a marketing and creative firm called Senspoint and we look no further than Kate to work with us on brand messaging and positioning. She’s truly the best in her industry that we’ve had the pleasure of working with and we have worked with many branding experts across a wide variety of industries. Kate is an outstanding individual with impeccable work ethic, extraordinary intelligence, and the keen ability to listen so well. She literally brings the best out in the brands she works with and finds niches in her clients’ work that they do not see. We would always recommend Kate above all others in her industry and can’t wait until the next time we get to work with her.

~ Hoby Wedler, Partner & Sensory Innovation Director, Senspoint Design

Strategy 17

I would like to recommend to everyone to give Kate an opportunity to build your brand. Kate has an amazing approach to draw out the valid knowledge from you that is required to build a strong and attractive brand that aligns with your company’s stance toward business. She very quickly was able to harness my company’s strategies and goals to put together my brand. Thanks to Kate, I’m now internet fabulous! Great work Kate!

~ Jennifer Kruse, Owner & Sustainability Strategist, Strategy 17


The work that Kate has done for us at CorTalent was worth every penny spent and has proven to be invaluable to us! We have hired numerous marketing professionals to help us over the last 11 years but we felt like we were always missing a cohesive story about who we are and how we differ from our competitors. Kate helped us create a brand playbook that drove the re-write of our website, collateral and content. More importantly, it serves as an extremely important document and process to keep our internal team focused on the who, what and why of CorTalent and has helped us on-board new team members and strategic partners. This is the best and most cost-effective work I have ever outsourced and I recommend Kate and her service offering to other business owners all the time!

~ Mary Nutting, Owner, CorTalent

Youth Lens 360

Working with Kate was one of the best decisions our company made in 2021. We have been in business for five years and I have been a part of a lot of startup branding workshops. Nothing came together as easily and efficiently as my work with Kate. Since our time together, we have seen legitimate impact in our business, and I continue to refer her to partners and clients. I highly recommend working with Kate. 

~ Dario Otero, CEO, Youth Lens 360

Westcott Multimedia

Kate is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is able to interpret and understand the core components of your business and translate it to an easy-to-understand compelling brand message that can be used to communicate effectively internally, as well as with current and potential customers. I would highly recommend working with Kate if you’re looking to elevate and expand upon your companies brand.

~ Kristin Grant, CEO, Westcott Multimedia


Kate was incredible in creating the framework to translate a highly complex product into value-based messaging. Outside of being enjoyable to work with, she brings a strong understanding of the AI space and overall strategy to our public perception.  I’m confident we’ll be leveraging her expertise as we continue to scale.

~ Mike True, CEO, Prescient

Proofpoint Marketing

Kate the wordsmithing, brand-whispering Great. Kate DiLeo should be the only person on your mind when it comes to brand messaging – whether for a new venture or to dust-off the tired verbiage of your existing company website. Her method is strong, bulletproof, and gets all the stakeholders engaged and on the same page. Her commitment to her craft is humbling and motivating. Her ability to dive into the essence of your brand and pull out all the thoughts, desires, and wished-for outcomes that you were looking to achieve in powerful, succinct and descriptive words is incredible – and then some. Kate delivers an elegant and eloquent end-result in the form of the content you’ve always wanted for your company, as well as an actual leave-behind document that details the entire process, from start to finish, with ideas and ways to keep the good content times rolling. She invests fully in her clients, and for the duration of the engagement, you truly feel as if Kate is a part of your team, rooting for your success. If you’re in need of fresh content that not only describes what you do better than you can say it now, but also content that hits hard as part of your sales and business development process, look no further. Kate the wordsmithing, brand-whispering Great is your partner in brand content success.

~ Gabriella Israel Grinberg, Co-Founder & VP of Client Success, Proofpoint Marketing

Crew Me Up

Working with Kate was an experience that has lit a fire under our company, Crew Me Up.  We came into the experience with a lot of brand pieces, but no cohesive picture of how we want to represent ourselves.  During our first session, Kate created an inviting environment where my team thrived.  As we discussed our mission, our values, and our audience, she took notes and drilled down our verbose back-and-forth commentary into easy-to-digest statements that we immediately began implementing to speak to investors and partners. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Now when I tell people about Crew Me Up and they ask, “Well what do you do?”, I have clear and concise statements in my toolkit to close the deal and pique interest. Thank Kate!

~ Josh Friedman, CEO, Crew Me Up

Skol Marketing

We worked with Kate to help us refresh our brand messaging. It was to great to work with her. I loved the questions she asked and the process that really got us to where we love right now with our messaging. The process was exceptional and I couldn’t be more happy about the end result. I think Kate brings a very unique and special perspective to branding and enjoyed working with her very much. Skol!

~ Ben Theis, CEO, Skol Marketing

Financial Navigation Group

Kate made this process so fun and easy! She has a clear, straightforward process that works! In the end, we have a complete brand playbook – everything we’d been thinking and feeling about moving our business forward clearly written down! We are excited to roll this out to employees, clients, and prospects! Thank you Kate – your amazing energy and excitement for what you do is contagious and we appreciate you! Bjorn & Emily Zellner

~ Emily Zellner, COO, Financial Navigation Group

Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting

I hired Kate after going through branding exercises several times with several other branding specialists. Frankly, I was already frustrated when we met and a non-believer that anyone could really understand what we do without trying to pigeonhole us into a box they could understand. Kate understood we are and have to be agnostic, she clearly understood my business and exceeded my expectations of what we could accomplish for branding and messaging. I have coined the saying I have been “kate-a-fied,” we are forever changed after working with Kate. I’m so happy we met I could never have accomplished what we accomplished alone or with the plethora of branding and messaging people out there.

~ Amanda Russo, Founder & CEO, Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting

Launch to Growth

My experience with Kate was nothing short of incredible! Every meeting she astounded our team with not only her facilitation skills but her awesome ability to draw out our messaging. It truly was one the best experiences that I have had for quite a while. Ours was not an easy one for us but she led us through the process to nail or messaging. I think that “Kate-a-fied” was mentioned in another recommendation. I could not agree more!

~ Gerry Henley, Founder & CEO, Launch to Growth

Cory Executive Recruiting

Kate is a guru when it comes to brand implementation. She was such a joy to partner with. Our team already had an established brand, but we wanted to turn to an expert who could help us achieve more clarity, accuracy and overall our values as an organization. Kate went above and beyond and helped our team achieve this in a collaborative environment. I would highly recommend Kate if you are looking for a brand expert. We appreciate all your help!

~ Kelsi Cory, CEO, Cory Executive Recruiting

Megan Lamke Real Estate

Kate has this amazing ability to synthesize your vision for your company then help you clearly communicate your value to your customers and prospects. I really enjoyed the process of writing my new elevator pitch and benefit statements, which have helped me in networking. As a direct result from working with Kate, my social media following increased by 208% and my website traffic increased by 687% in two short weeks!  By elevating my brand and business, I gained the confidence to start collaborating with the top syndicators in the business. Together, my partners and I were able to close a new apartment syndication project worth over $49 million dollars. My ROI in working with Kate was accomplished in days, not months or years. DAYS! Do yourself and your business a favor and just hire Kate!

~ Megan Lamke, President, Megan Lamke Real Estate


Kate has a powerful gift for listening. Her diverse background and wide range of talents give her many ways of connecting with a client’s story/mission/brand. Those same talents (particularly her music background) then allow her to reflect back to clients an even deeper sense of their brand and mission. The speed of Kate’s ability to understand a client and generate insight is impressive. If you are looking to Ennoble your work and brand…Kate has the gifts to deliver.

~ Dan Neitz, Principal, COR


Kate’s superpower is taking complex ideas and making them simple in a way that can communicate your value prop across all marketing collateral. Over the span of the workshop, her feedback was so constructive that we radically changed our business offerings. I definitely recommend any business to do a workshop with Kate for better and precise messaging.

~ Aditya Siripragada, CEO, Fountane

Evolve Consulting

Working with Kate on our brand has helped us cut through the noise and get really clear about who we are, who we serve, and what differentiates us from the rest. Clarity wins, and Kate is a master at cutting through and seeing the heart of your business and helping you tell an authentic story. And, she’s not only good at what she does, but great to work with. I highly recommend Kate!

~ Dave Newell, President, Evolve Consulting


Kate is so creative! We are so thankful to her for helping us with our brand. We now have super sharp and targeted messaging for every stakeholder that we connect with, whether it be clients, investors, or partners.

~ Jalal Shaik, Founder & CEO, GAMEFACE.AI

Closers Media

Kate is incredible. In only a few branding sessions she pulled out of my brain what I couldn’t in five years of trying on my own. By far, the brand messaging she inspired has been our most impactful/effective messaging to date. Kate’s Brand Playbook made every session natural, fun and honestly exciting. I don’t know of a branding expert better than Kate DiLeo, and I highly recommend her.

~ Mickeli Bedore, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Closers Media

Corque Board

Kate has fantastic insight into the core concept of brand development. She guides your though an intuitive and detailed process that encourages you to synthesize your existing concepts and leads you to an authentic view of your business and its mission.  She is sensitive and direct, and her work is an incredibly vital piece of helping articulate your company’s  identity.

~ Mike Todaro, CEO, Corque Board

Employee Strategies Inc.

Kate. Efficient. Fun. Effective. Kate is very skilled at her craft and can capture essence quickly and accurately. We throughly enjoyed the time together and look forward to seeing her clarity reduce our sales cycle time!

~ J. Forrest, Owner & Principal Consultant Employee Strategies Inc.

Bauer Design Build

Working with Kate was fantastic. She made an abstract process very grounded and organized, all while allowing our team to be creative and work together to find our brand and make sure it was coming from our collective company voice. Kate does such a great job of keeping everyone on point while ensuring the process is enjoyable. Branding is such an important part of making sure our company can be working towards a bigger goal together and without Ennobble we wouldn’t have gotten there.

~ Branton Smith, Preconstruction Services Manager, Bauer Design Build

Daire Success Coaching

Kate is brilliant. She has the unique superpower of seeing the big picture AND strategizing the details. She’s relentless when it comes to getting the message right, and getting brands succinct. My brand is crystal clear, appealing, and expresses my business perfectly. She’s timely, she always delivers what and when she says she will, and her work is flawless. I am so glad I chose to work with her and would confidently trust her with my personal clients and friends.

~ Alissa Daire Nelson, CEO & Certified Strengths Coach, Daire Success Coaching


Working with Kate allowed us think outside the box and standout from our competitors. Her branding program helped us to get to the root of our brand in ways we hadn’t, digging deep to our core values and strategies to shape and form our identity. We already knew who we were, but she helped us figure out a way to communicate it so that it is different than what the competition was saying. Kate is passionate about getting her clients’ message out and is relentless to find the best possible outcome so that it speaks to the identity of your business.

~ Brendon Liner, Vice President, Nology


In starting a new business or re-evaluating your current business, establishing your brand is crucial. The detailed process of Brand Exploration that Kate takes you through is second to none. We have partnered on multiple BACKforty clients with Kate and every single one is so thrilled with the results.

I am such a believer of her process that we invested in Kate for Coalition9. Just when we thought we had it all figured out, she brought a perspective and healthy challenge to brand establishment that in no way we could have done alone. We are beyond excited to share our brand with the world and Kate is a major part of how it will feel!

If you are looking to start a business, launch a new offering, or revamp your brand – the investment with Kate is a must.

~ Aaron Eggert, Founder, Coalition9

Data Du Nord

As an entrepreneur, you are always told to hire the best talent to help your company take off. That is why you should call Kate with Ennobble. As a founder with zero experience in marketing or branding, I was hopelessly lost trying to explain my brand, to concisely tell my story, or even identify what our core strengths are. Kate came to my rescue with all of her excitement, positive energy, and endless knowledge. She did the things that any great coach does: builds your confidence, helps you focus, and enables you to build new skills. Then she gives you the exact answers and tools you need to implement your new branding and marketing that same day! Stop struggling to do it yourself and bring in an expert. Experience the jolt of lightning that your business will get from working with Kate and watch the momentum and revenue build up right before your eyes.

~ Adam Bares, Founder & CEO, Data Du Nord

The Social Recruit

Starting a business around my passion was intimidating, but Kate helped me identify my strengths and clearly articulate my brand and my services. Kate taught me about all the components that build a successful brand and her Brand Exploration program gave me the tools I needed to communicate what I do and how I do it with confidence. Whether you are starting a business, or need to refresh your existing brand strategy, working with Kate will help you build a rock solid foundation from which you can launch the next chapter of your success story.

~ Tamzyn Grant, Owner & CEO, The Social Recruit

Merit Interiors

Kate’s branding sessions completely changed the way I view my business. She was an expert on taking what was inside of my head and helping me organize my thoughts in a way that made sense for my business. She was the guide I didn’t know my business needed. Partnering with her helped me reorganize and refocus my business. I was able to come up with a brand message and an elevator pitch that I thought I already had down. I was able to actually realize that I under priced and undervalued my services. I even have a newfound target audience. What she did for my business is invaluable and will carry on into my brand’s future. I am extremely grateful to her! 

~ Latrice Merit, Owner, Merit Interiors


What Kate does is invaluable. Plain and simple. She takes all of the business’s various disjointed marketing thoughts and value propositions and aligns them in such a way as to create clear, coherent and powerful messaging. She builds a comprehensive road map for the business in a matter of weeks, not months, so that customers understand your unique value proposition sooner, as well as why they’re looking for exactly your business and exactly what you do.

~ Mike Lewis, VP of Sales & Business Development, Click360

Marketers' Community

Kate DiLeo is an absolute delight to work with. She has a unique ability to draw words from your head and put them on paper in a way that makes your brand come alive. I have never witnessed a skill like this. She is a true branding ninja. If your brand and message isn’t clear, you’re losing out on sales. I recommend her in a heartbeat if you’re not sure if your message is clear to your customers and if you’re struggling to increase revenue. You won’t regret it.

~ Laura King, Founder, Marketers’ Community

SBI Wealth Management

Kate really helped us build and kick-start our brand. She follows a proven process that delivered. She isn’t afraid to take action and implement! She is well connected, too. She was able to point us to trusted professionals when outside of her expertise. Lastly, she is fun to work with and collaborating together was energizing!

~ Brian Adamek, CEO, SBI Wealth Management

Manufacturing Power

Kate delivers. Our team had many ideas of how to describe our company and product but we struggled to clearly and concisely express a consistent message. Kate took the time to understand our individual perspectives, explore different ideas, and then pushed us to find the most impactful messaging and value statements. She worked very hard to provide timely communication which helped maintain the process flow and kept the project within scope. It was a very valuable and pleasurable experience working with Kate.

~ Mike Franz, Founder & CEO, Manufacturing Power


Kate has a way with words. She simplifies and gets to the heart of what needs to be communicated with an ease that I haven’t experienced in my lifetime. If you combine that with her pragmatic approach to moving your brand and marketing approach with her excellent follow-through, you have a partner who can turn the big question of “who do I serve and how do I serve them” into simple, compelling messaging, content, and designs that power your business.

I have recommended Kate to multiple clients and watched her work infuse their brand and help them realize a growth strategy. I’ve engaged her myself to support fine-tuning my messaging, which is typically WAY too wordy.

Thanks Kate for being the partner that my clients and I can rely on to take what we already do and turn into something we can make clear to the rest of the world in a way that is meaningful to the world we serve.

~ Jenny Erickson, Owner & Idea Activator, ACThoughtful

Welcome Baby Care

During this crazy time of Covid19, my business needed help clarifying who my customers are and clear, consistent messaging when speaking to them. I was initially hesitant to start the process of branding and messaging, not knowing if this would help to pivot our in-home business during a pandemic. Kate was up for the challenge. She worked with me to create messaging that clearly stated how Welcome Baby Care is the safest and best option for families.

Whoa! The new, clear messaging has helped my team to focus on our customer base and to create specific marketing techniques to acquire our perfect client. Our sessions together were more conversational than hard work. Kate is an incredible word-smith who was able to put my thoughts into clear, eloquent messages. She did all the note-taking and sent me updates after each session. 

I recommend Ennobble to anyone who is struggling with clear messaging and looking for quick results to get your branding and message out to your customers.

~ Tory Kielas-Jensen, CEO, Welcome Baby Care

Becoming Machinic

Kate DiLeo is uninterested in facades, or working in the shallows. She understands that any business or individual trying to market themselves must understand precisely what they bring to the table, how that is distinctive, what value it could bring, and to whom. As a sparring partner, she helps executives refine their messaging and ensures that their intentions and meaning are unobscured. Our experience with her was productive and focused, and our organization is the better for it.

~ Jordan Peacock, Co-Founder & CEO, Becoming Machinic


Kate is incredibly talented at what she does. She helped us get clear about vision, mission, values, and brand identity. She is bright, engaging, thorough, exceptional at follow-through and details, and an overall joy to collaborate with. If you are looking to get clearer about your messaging, your brand, and your marketing, Kate is the professional for you.

~ Vikas Narula, Creator & Co-Founder, Keyhubs


Kate is an absolute rock star. She helped us to really understand how to position our brand and messaging. I can’t thank her enough and I would highly recommend any company to speak with her.

~ Seth Rubin, Executive Vice President, ProfiTrust

The Saint Paul Area Chamber

As I looked at beginning a re-branding effort at the Saint Paul Chamber, I knew it needed to go beyond a new look and feel. However, with a small staff and limited capacity, it was a daunting task. Working with Kate on our brand strategy helped us articulate who we are, who we want to be, and the value we add to our members and our community. Kate is incredibly gifted and has perfected an approach that is simple, yet impactful. Her superpower is listening to a wide variety of ideas and opinions and crafting clear brand messages that tell your story.

~ Megan Ryan, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Saint Paul Area Chamber

Civic Intelligence

Be consistent and speak to the needs. Our brand had a valuable message, but we weren’t sharing effectively every time. Kate helped us clarify how to share our passion for service with our three key audiences as they are best prepared to hear it. Our meetings were operated seamlessly through virtual engagement and served to even bring my more reserved teammate into the conversation. I only wish I had worked with her in the before-times so I could have had this level of clarity when I had in-person meetings!

~ Jeremy Peichel, Principal, Civic Intelligence

TRG Consulting

Kate connected my inspiration for starting my business to my brand in a way that I didn’t think was possible.  The process was simple, but effective, and she took my jumbled ideas and turned them into a clear message.  After our first session, I already knew my business would be better off by the time we were finished and the final product did not disappoint.  Thanks Kate!

~ Daniel Rodrigues, Founder & CEO, TRG Consulting


Working with Kate was incredibly valuable to our team. Kate guided the process in a way that was fun and easy to follow. We were able to collaborate and brainstorm as a team and Kate kept the process on track. Our team walked away with some serious excitement, on-brand messaging, and brand cohesion that we would not have achieved without her help. I highly recommend Kate and Ennobble for anyone looking to refine their brand and dial in their messaging!

~ Natalie Champas-Jennings, Owner, Jennings Photography & PhotoSpaces

Hegarty Consulting Group

Kate possesses the unique ability to distill information about your company and articulate it into a clear and concise brand.  She worked with our multi-generational company to produce relevant and impactful statements that convey our company’s vision now and in the future. 

~ Jason Hegarty, Vice President, Hegarty Consulting Group

See A Star

Kate helped guide us through the branding sessions with ease and it was a very enjoyable experience.  She is very skilled in her area of expertise and I thoroughly enjoyed the process with her. I highly recommend her to help articulate your brand and messaging.

~ Mary Tucker, President & Co-Founder, See A Star


I enjoyed working with Kate to update my brand. She was excellent at drawing out and distilling the core elements of my brand. It was a very collaborative experience that really helped me clarify my message. I loved that she followed up with “next steps” based on our conversation, which helped me focus how to take this to the next level.

~ Jim Hall, CEO, Hallmentum

Talent Connect

Kate was wonderful to work with. She asked great questions to challenge my thinking which resulted in a much stronger program design than I would have been able to create on my own! I appreciated her high-energy and ability to hear my thoughts and translate them into a clear and articulate brand.

~ Hannah Peterson, CEO, Talent Connect

Illumine Financial

Kate DiLeo is fantastic! She made a HUGE difference to my business because she helped me reconnect to what I’m about. In doing so she gave me back passion and excitement I haven’t had for quite some time. She’s professional, detail oriented, and over delivers. 10/10

~ Tyler Furger, Managing Partner, Illumine Financial

Become Demand Driven

I very much enjoyed working with Kate. She helped me to bring focus and clarity to my brand. With her direction and creativity, we found the words that truly elevate my brand and allow me to clearly and concisely convey my business purpose, making it interesting, exciting, accurate and understandable. I highly recommend Kate for bringing your brand into focus.

~ John Melbye, CEO, Become Demand Driven

Tony Schwartz - Realtor with Beacon Properties

My experience working with Kate DiLeo was nothing short of amazing. I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years, owned numerous different companies and have had my Real Estate Brokerage, Beacon Properties, for 25 years. During that time I have never done strategic branding of any kind and I never realized the importance of it until I did the Brand Exploration program with Kate. This process gave me an entirely new look at my business, myself, and what message and feeling I want to send out about my business. The Brand Exploration program has helped me realize what was important to me, what my “why” is for doing what I do, and how I want to express that in my business. I also gained real outcomes with having my entire brand written, and I learned how I could tangibly implement those in my elevator pitch, on my website, and across my marketing platforms. At the end of the day, knowing who you are and why you matter is so important in translating how you can positively impact your clients and your employees. I would highly recommend that everyone go through the Brand Exploration process!

~ Tony Schwartz, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Beacon Properties

Ms. J - Manners Are Memorable

My work with Kate was some of the most productive than I’ve had in a while. I was bogged down with what to say and how to say it when it came to describing my brand for my business.  Kate efficiently  helped me to craft the language in record time, and her approach is friendly, engaging and professional while effective and efficient.  I was able to accomplish more in a few hours than I had accomplished in months. Kate is poised and professional; she has a way of approaching situations that are challenging while maintaining the highest degree of decorum and respect. If you are seeking someone to help you move forward with you branding, I highly recommend Kate. She’s a delight to work with and she delivers. Definitely worth the time and financial investment.

~ Juliet Mitchell, Owner, Ms. J – Manners Are Memorable

Goldenrod Media

Kate was incredible at extracting my thoughts, with words flying around the room, and helping me form my brand into something that was already a part of me. The process with her was not only helpful for clearly defining my message, but outlining my differentiators and what makes me unique. Kate made the whole Brand Exploration process fun and enjoyable!

~ Kyle Livingood, Owner, Goldenrod Media

Fieldson Photography

I had no branding direction for my business when I first met with Kate. She showed me how important a strong brand message is for my clients, but even more importantly for myself as a small business owner.  Putting words to the type of work and clientele that I want to pursue has been a huge value. I have much more direction as I pursue the growth of my business. Kate’s Brand Exploration process has been amazing and worthwhile, and she also has been an incredible advocate for me in growing my business!

~ Adam Fieldson, Owner, Fieldson Photography

Scaling Within

Kate is both strategic and tactical. I appreciate working with someone that can bring structure and order to my scattered thoughts, fill in my knowledge gaps and help create a clear actionable plan to move forward with.” 

~ Meredith Neumann, Founder, Scaling Within

GL Consulting

Kate DiLeo is an excellent resource to work with on your brand identity. Her creative energy, combined with her masterful ability to pull ideas out of your mind and get it on paper is so incredibly helpful for the process. Kate is able to help you evolve all the ideas and thoughts you may have on your business giving you a platform to establish strong mission, vision, strategies and tactics that provide structure and business and personal brand identity. Thanks Kate, for helping us make it over the finish line with our branding!

~ Mark Lozano, President and CEO, GL Consulting

Dogbones In Motion

Kate helped me get my thoughts and plans out of my head and onto paper, and we worked primarily on brand development for my company, Dogbones In Motion. She is super organized, a master with words, and multi-talented. Her focus on the entrepreneur and small business owner was a perfect fit, both for our work putting brand to paper, as well as accessing additional resources and referrals. She is in the business of helping me see the business I want to create and is truly passionate about partnering with me for my success. Kate is truly enjoyable to work with and I would highly recommend her.

~ Heidi Frey, Owner, Dogbones In Motion

Teresa Cleveland - Entrepreneur

Working with Kate for my Brand Exploration has been a powerful experience for me in the process of establishing my vision for the future.  She was significantly influential in helping me ‘find my voice’ and focus both the direction of my business building and the message it would be delivering. Many of us have that capacity within ourselves and don’t always see the value in paying someone to facilitate what is in our hearts and minds. I found the process literally invaluable. On my own, I find more reasons to be distracted and have an ongoing list of incomplete action steps. The engagement with Kate gave me the ability to take what is within, put it into an action plan that is achievable and realistic. This is something everyone can benefit from. I HIGHLY recommend Kate for this Brand Exploration process and believe the return on investment will be 100-fold. Thank you Kate for you help in solidifying a future I can be proud of.

~ Teresa Cleveland, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Coach

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