The Ennōbble Essence

You know who you are. But does your prospect? We are brand pragmatists that help you crystallize your story so you can win more work.


en·​no·​ble | \ e-ˈnō-bəl
ennobled; ennobling

1 : to elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt
2 : to raise to the rank of nobility


Exceptional Skill, Tenacity, and Prowess in Helping Businesses Achieve Better Outcomes

11+ Years in the Business
15+ Industry Sectors Supported
65+ Satisfied Clients
180+ Successful Projects Completed


Systems that Build Your Business One Sentence, One Page, One Connection at a Time

We Think Creatively: We scribble outside the lines to bring you strong and innovative outcomes.
We Stand for Simplicity: We provide practical tactics that simply make good business sense.
We Craft “Wow” Deliverables: We are self-proclaimed overachievers in the caliber of our work.
We Do It On Time: We work against a detailed timeline to ensure we achieve every deadline.


A Collaborative Approach that Leverages You as an Active Partner throughout the Project

Discover: We clarify your brand’s unique value and goals so you can achieve your business vision.
Create: We design great architectural elements that convince your audience to work with you.
Build: We construct easy-to-use frameworks that are built with best-in-class systems.
Launch: We test and monitor all tactics to ensure nothing breaks and you’re set for success.


Values We Embody Day In and Day Out, and Which Permeate Our Work and Our Relationships

Operate with Integrity
Navigate by Curiosity
Broaden Human Connections
Enable Transformation

Meet Kate DiLeo
CEO & Chief Brand Architect

A tenacious actualizer who enables organizations to realize their vision, Kate believes that business is a conversation, not a transaction. Therefore, effective branding should create compelling, common ground with customers. Thus, whether crystallizing a client’s brand story or implementing a client’s brand clout, Kate is passionately driven to help companies authentically reach their audience and be raised above the competition.

Gallup StrengthsFinder®Top 5 Strengths:
Achiever | Activator | Communication | Competition | Strategic

Client Stories

Teresa Cleveland - Entrepreneur

Working with Kate for my Brand Exploration has been a powerful experience for me in the process of establishing my vision for the future.  She was significantly influential in helping me ‘find my voice’ and focus both the direction of my business building and the message it would be delivering. Many of us have that capacity within ourselves and don’t always see the value in paying someone to facilitate what is in our hearts and minds. I found the process literally invaluable. On my own, I find more reasons to be distracted and have an ongoing list of incomplete action steps. The engagement with Kate gave me the ability to take what is within, put it into an action plan that is achievable and realistic. This is something everyone can benefit from. I HIGHLY recommend Kate for this Brand Exploration process and believe the return on investment will be 100-fold. Thank you Kate for you help in solidifying a future I can be proud of.

~ Teresa Cleveland, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Coach

City of Dayton, Minnesota

The City of Dayton chose to work with Kate on our new website after exploring several alternatives. Kate displayed a knowledge of website building and maintenance that can only be gained from experience. She showed a firm grasp of what the City required from its new website, and made numerous insightful recommendations that improved the functionality, aesthetics, and created a user-friendly experience for visitors to the site.

Kate really drove the project and kept it on track setting up meetings, keeping to a strict deadline and being available whenever staff needed some hand holding, to complete the daunting task of streamlining existing data, from a website that had grown organically into a tangle of pages, links and outdated information.

Kate’s positive attitude and unceasing patience helped drive the project to a successful conclusion on-time and on budget. I would recommend Kate to anybody looking to refresh a tired website, or build a new online presence.

~ Martin Farrell, Lead Superintendent and Project Lead, City of Dayton

GL Consulting

Kate DiLeo is an excellent resource to work with on your brand identity. Her creative energy, combined with her masterful ability to pull ideas out of your mind and get it on paper is so incredibly helpful for the process. Kate is able to help you evolve all the ideas and thoughts you may have on your business giving you a platform to establish strong mission, vision, strategies and tactics that provide structure and business and personal brand identity. Thanks Kate, for helping us make it over the finish line with our branding!

~ Mark Lozano, President and CEO, GL Consulting

HardTalk Biz Coaching

After careful consideration of who to hire for designing and building my website I am extremely satisfied with partnering with Kate DiLeo to build my HardTalk Biz Coaching website. Kate is a profoundly keen, savvy, precise, committed, and creative consultant  who delivers as promised, or better: exceeds expectations. Kate is a true expert who tailors her web-building insights and skills to her client’s needs. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how her services delivered exactly the content and style that I aspire with my website. I confidently and highly recommend Kate DiLeo for your website needs and wishes.

~ Carolien Moors, CEO, HardTalk Biz Coaching


Kate is brilliant! She understands my brand and knows how to represent it well on the web. Her solutions are fast and affordable and she makes it easy for me to reach my audiences. Whenever I need her for website design or digital marketing needs (which is often), her work is superior, and I can always trust that I’m in good hands!

~ Melissa DeLay, Founder and Principal Owner, TruPerception

Scott Digital

I had the pleasure of working with Kate in various web development and project management capacities, and the results were always terrific. Kate is one of the most hard working professionals I know and she has excellent project management skills along with a high-level of action orientation. Kate has a passion for GTD (getting things done) and she leads by inspiring others through her great work ethic.  Kate is an asset to any organization she works with.

~ Dave Scott, President, Scott Digital

Spry Fish Creative
I’ve worked with Kate on several website projects. She brings a powerful creative vision to our projects, working closely with clients and content creators to build audience-driven websites. I trust Kate to communicate directly with my clients. She helped bring one of our most complicated website projects to fruition successfully, and the client was delighted with her work. I look forward to continuing our work together. 
~ Jenny Niemela, Principal, Spry Fish Creative

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