The Ennōbble Essence

You know who you are. But does your prospect? We are brand pragmatists that help you clearly articulate who you are, why you’re different, and how you solve your customer’s problem.


en·​no·​ble | \ e-ˈnō-bəl
ennobled; ennobling

1 : to elevate in degree, excellence, or respect; dignify; exalt
2 : to raise to the rank of nobility


Exceptional Skill, Tenacity, and Prowess in Helping Businesses Achieve Better Outcomes

11+ Years in the Business
20+ Industry Sectors Supported
100+ New Brands Built from Scratch
150+ Delighted Customers Served
200+ Client Projects Completed


A Collaborative Approach that Builds Your Business One Sentence, One Connection at a Time

Discover: We clarify your purpose and goals so that brand outcomes are perfectly aligned.
Plan: We work against a detailed scope of work so that your message is crafted effectively.
Create: We design great architectural elements that convince your audience to work with you.
Align: We ensure every single word, phrase, and sentence perfectly capture your unique value.
Deploy: We teach you how to implement your brand components so that you’re set for success.


Values We Embody Day In and Day Out, and Which Permeate Our Work and Our Relationships

Operate with Integrity
Navigate by Curiosity
Broaden Human Connections
Lead with Generosity
Enable Transformation


Meet Kate DiLeo
CEO & Chief Brand Architect

Kate is a pragmatist who believes that business is a conversation, not a transaction, and therefore effective branding should create compelling common ground with customers. With over a decade of experience in the marketing industry and more than 100 brands built, Kate has leveraged her proprietary branding process to quickly and effectively crystallize a client’s story so they can authentically reach their audience and be raised above the competition. The proof of her unique and thorough approach has led to over 95% of her clients successfully leveraging their brand as the path of least resistance to revenue by creating a genuine human connection that brings more prospects to the table.

Gallup StrengthsFinder®Top 5 Strengths:
Achiever | Activator | Communication | Competition | Strategic

Client Stories

Megan Lamke Real Estate

Kate has this amazing ability to synthesize your vision for your company then help you clearly communicate your value to your customers and prospects. I really enjoyed the process of writing my new elevator pitch and benefit statements, which have helped me in networking. As a direct result from working with Kate, my social media following increased by 208% and my website traffic increased by 687% in two short weeks!  By elevating my brand and business, I gained the confidence to start collaborating with the top syndicators in the business. Together, my partners and I were able to close a new apartment syndication project worth over $49 million dollars. My ROI in working with Kate was accomplished in days, not months or years. DAYS! Do yourself and your business a favor and just hire Kate!

~ Megan Lamke, President, Megan Lamke Real Estate

Bauer Design Build

Working with Kate was fantastic. She made an abstract process very grounded and organized, all while allowing our team to be creative and work together to find our brand and make sure it was coming from our collective company voice. Kate does such a great job of keeping everyone on point while ensuring the process is enjoyable. Branding is such an important part of making sure our company can be working towards a bigger goal together and without Ennobble we wouldn’t have gotten there.

~ Branton Smith, Preconstruction Services Manager, Bauer Design Build

Daire Success Coaching

Kate is brilliant. She has the unique superpower of seeing the big picture AND strategizing the details. She’s relentless when it comes to getting the message right, and getting brands succinct. My brand is crystal clear, appealing, and expresses my business perfectly. She’s timely, she always delivers what and when she says she will, and her work is flawless. I am so glad I chose to work with her and would confidently trust her with my personal clients and friends.

~ Alissa Daire Nelson, CEO & Certified Strengths Coach, Daire Success Coaching

Merit Interiors

Kate’s branding sessions completely changed the way I view my business. She was an expert on taking what was inside of my head and helping me organize my thoughts in a way that made sense for my business. She was the guide I didn’t know my business needed. Partnering with her helped me reorganize and refocus my business. I was able to come up with a brand message and an elevator pitch that I thought I already had down. I was able to actually realize that I under priced and undervalued my services. I even have a newfound target audience. What she did for my business is invaluable and will carry on into my brand’s future. I am extremely grateful to her! 

~ Latrice Merit, Owner, Merit Interiors


In starting a new business or re-evaluating your current business, establishing your brand is crucial. The detailed process of Brand Exploration that Kate takes you through is second to none. We have partnered on multiple BACKforty clients with Kate and every single one is so thrilled with the results.

I am such a believer of her process that we invested in Kate for Coalition9. Just when we thought we had it all figured out, she brought a perspective and healthy challenge to brand establishment that in no way we could have done alone. We are beyond excited to share our brand with the world and Kate is a major part of how it will feel!

If you are looking to start a business, launch a new offering, or revamp your brand – the investment with Kate is a must.

~ Aaron Eggert, Founder, Coalition9

Data Du Nord

As an entrepreneur, you are always told to hire the best talent to help your company take off. That is why you should call Kate with Ennobble. As a founder with zero experience in marketing or branding, I was hopelessly lost trying to explain my brand, to concisely tell my story, or even identify what our core strengths are. Kate came to my rescue with all of her excitement, positive energy, and endless knowledge. She did the things that any great coach does: builds your confidence, helps you focus, and enables you to build new skills. Then she gives you the exact answers and tools you need to implement your new branding and marketing that same day! Stop struggling to do it yourself and bring in an expert. Experience the jolt of lightning that your business will get from working with Kate and watch the momentum and revenue build up right before your eyes.

~ Adam Bares, Founder & CEO, Data Du Nord

The Social Recruit

Starting a business around my passion was intimidating, but Kate helped me identify my strengths and clearly articulate my brand and my services. Kate taught me about all the components that build a successful brand and her Brand Exploration program gave me the tools I needed to communicate what I do and how I do it with confidence. Whether you are starting a business, or need to refresh your existing brand strategy, working with Kate will help you build a rock solid foundation from which you can launch the next chapter of your success story.

~ Tamzyn Grant, Owner & CEO, The Social Recruit

Marketers' Community

Kate DiLeo is an absolute delight to work with. She has a unique ability to draw words from your head and put them on paper in a way that makes your brand come alive. I have never witnessed a skill like this. She is a true branding ninja. If your brand and message isn’t clear, you’re losing out on sales. I recommend her in a heartbeat if you’re not sure if your message is clear to your customers and if you’re struggling to increase revenue. You won’t regret it.

~ Laura King, Founder, Marketers’ Community


What Kate does is invaluable. Plain and simple. She takes all of the business’s various disjointed marketing thoughts and value propositions and aligns them in such a way as to create clear, coherent and powerful messaging. She builds a comprehensive road map for the business in a matter of weeks, not months, so that customers understand your unique value proposition sooner, as well as why they’re looking for exactly your business and exactly what you do.

~ Mike Lewis, VP of Sales & Business Development, Click360

Manufacturing Power

Kate delivers. Our team had many ideas of how to describe our company and product but we struggled to clearly and concisely express a consistent message. Kate took the time to understand our individual perspectives, explore different ideas, and then pushed us to find the most impactful messaging and value statements. She worked very hard to provide timely communication which helped maintain the process flow and kept the project within scope. It was a very valuable and pleasurable experience working with Kate.

~ Mike Franz, Founder & CEO, Manufacturing Power


Kate has a way with words. She simplifies and gets to the heart of what needs to be communicated with an ease that I haven’t experienced in my lifetime. If you combine that with her pragmatic approach to moving your brand and marketing approach with her excellent follow-through, you have a partner who can turn the big question of “who do I serve and how do I serve them” into simple, compelling messaging, content, and designs that power your business.

I have recommended Kate to multiple clients and watched her work infuse their brand and help them realize a growth strategy. I’ve engaged her myself to support fine-tuning my messaging, which is typically WAY too wordy.

Thanks Kate for being the partner that my clients and I can rely on to take what we already do and turn into something we can make clear to the rest of the world in a way that is meaningful to the world we serve.

~ Jenny Erickson, Owner & Idea Activator, ACThoughtful

Welcome Baby Care

During this crazy time of Covid19, my business needed help clarifying who my customers are and clear, consistent messaging when speaking to them. I was initially hesitant to start the process of branding and messaging, not knowing if this would help to pivot our in-home business during a pandemic. Kate was up for the challenge. She worked with me to create messaging that clearly stated how Welcome Baby Care is the safest and best option for families.

Whoa! The new, clear messaging has helped my team to focus on our customer base and to create specific marketing techniques to acquire our perfect client. Our sessions together were more conversational than hard work. Kate is an incredible word-smith who was able to put my thoughts into clear, eloquent messages. She did all the note-taking and sent me updates after each session. 

I recommend Ennobble to anyone who is struggling with clear messaging and looking for quick results to get your branding and message out to your customers.

~ Tory Kielas-Jensen, CEO, Welcome Baby Care

Becoming Machinic

Kate DiLeo is uninterested in facades, or working in the shallows. She understands that any business or individual trying to market themselves must understand precisely what they bring to the table, how that is distinctive, what value it could bring, and to whom. As a sparring partner, she helps executives refine their messaging and ensures that their intentions and meaning are unobscured. Our experience with her was productive and focused, and our organization is the better for it.

~ Jordan Peacock, Co-Founder & CEO, Becoming Machinic


Kate is incredibly talented at what she does. She helped us get clear about vision, mission, values, and brand identity. She is bright, engaging, thorough, exceptional at follow-through and details, and an overall joy to collaborate with. If you are looking to get clearer about your messaging, your brand, and your marketing, Kate is the professional for you.

~ Vikas Narula, Creator & Co-Founder, Keyhubs

The Saint Paul Area Chamber

As I looked at beginning a re-branding effort at the Saint Paul Chamber, I knew it needed to go beyond a new look and feel. However, with a small staff and limited capacity, it was a daunting task. Working with Kate on our brand strategy helped us articulate who we are, who we want to be, and the value we add to our members and our community. Kate is incredibly gifted and has perfected an approach that is simple, yet impactful. Her superpower is listening to a wide variety of ideas and opinions and crafting clear brand messages that tell your story.

~ Megan Ryan, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Saint Paul Area Chamber

Civic Intelligence

Be consistent and speak to the needs. Our brand had a valuable message, but we weren’t sharing effectively every time. Kate helped us clarify how to share our passion for service with our three key audiences as they are best prepared to hear it. Our meetings were operated seamlessly through virtual engagement and served to even bring my more reserved teammate into the conversation. I only wish I had worked with her in the before-times so I could have had this level of clarity when I had in-person meetings!

~ Jeremy Peichel, Principal, Civic Intelligence

TRG Consulting

Kate connected my inspiration for starting my business to my brand in a way that I didn’t think was possible.  The process was simple, but effective, and she took my jumbled ideas and turned them into a clear message.  After our first session, I already knew my business would be better off by the time we were finished and the final product did not disappoint.  Thanks Kate!

~ Daniel Rodrigues, Founder & CEO, TRG Consulting


Working with Kate was incredibly valuable to our team. Kate guided the process in a way that was fun and easy to follow. We were able to collaborate and brainstorm as a team and Kate kept the process on track. Our team walked away with some serious excitement, on-brand messaging, and brand cohesion that we would not have achieved without her help. I highly recommend Kate and Ennobble for anyone looking to refine their brand and dial in their messaging!

~ Natalie Champas-Jennings, Owner, Jennings Photography & PhotoSpaces


I enjoyed working with Kate to update my brand. She was excellent at drawing out and distilling the core elements of my brand. It was a very collaborative experience that really helped me clarify my message. I loved that she followed up with “next steps” based on our conversation, which helped me focus how to take this to the next level.

~ Jim Hall, CEO, Hallmentum

Talent Connect

Kate was wonderful to work with. She asked great questions to challenge my thinking which resulted in a much stronger program design than I would have been able to create on my own! I appreciated her high-energy and ability to hear my thoughts and translate them into a clear and articulate brand.

~ Hannah Peterson, CEO, Talent Connect

Illumine Financial

Kate DiLeo is fantastic! She made a HUGE difference to my business because she helped me reconnect to what I’m about. In doing so she gave me back passion and excitement I haven’t had for quite some time. She’s professional, detail oriented, and over delivers. 10/10

~ Tyler Furger, Managing Partner, Illumine Financial

Become Demand Driven

I very much enjoyed working with Kate. She helped me to bring focus and clarity to my brand. With her direction and creativity, we found the words that truly elevate my brand and allow me to clearly and concisely convey my business purpose, making it interesting, exciting, accurate and understandable. I highly recommend Kate for bringing your brand into focus.

~ John Melbye, CEO, Become Demand Driven

Tony Schwartz - Realtor with Beacon Properties

My experience working with Kate DiLeo was nothing short of amazing. I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years, owned numerous different companies and have had my Real Estate Brokerage, Beacon Properties, for 25 years. During that time I have never done strategic branding of any kind and I never realized the importance of it until I did the Brand Exploration program with Kate. This process gave me an entirely new look at my business, myself, and what message and feeling I want to send out about my business. The Brand Exploration program has helped me realize what was important to me, what my “why” is for doing what I do, and how I want to express that in my business. I also gained real outcomes with having my entire brand written, and I learned how I could tangibly implement those in my elevator pitch, on my website, and across my marketing platforms. At the end of the day, knowing who you are and why you matter is so important in translating how you can positively impact your clients and your employees. I would highly recommend that everyone go through the Brand Exploration process!

~ Tony Schwartz, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Beacon Properties

Ms. J - Manners Are Memorable

My work with Kate was some of the most productive than I’ve had in a while. I was bogged down with what to say and how to say it when it came to describing my brand for my business.  Kate efficiently  helped me to craft the language in record time, and her approach is friendly, engaging and professional while effective and efficient.  I was able to accomplish more in a few hours than I had accomplished in months. Kate is poised and professional; she has a way of approaching situations that are challenging while maintaining the highest degree of decorum and respect. If you are seeking someone to help you move forward with you branding, I highly recommend Kate. She’s a delight to work with and she delivers. Definitely worth the time and financial investment.

~ Juliet Mitchell, Owner, Ms. J – Manners Are Memorable

Goldenrod Media

Kate was incredible at extracting my thoughts, with words flying around the room, and helping me form my brand into something that was already a part of me. The process with her was not only helpful for clearly defining my message, but outlining my differentiators and what makes me unique. Kate made the whole Brand Exploration process fun and enjoyable!

~ Kyle Livingood, Owner, Goldenrod Media

Fieldson Photography

I had no branding direction for my business when I first met with Kate. She showed me how important a strong brand message is for my clients, but even more importantly for myself as a small business owner.  Putting words to the type of work and clientele that I want to pursue has been a huge value. I have much more direction as I pursue the growth of my business. Kate’s Brand Exploration process has been amazing and worthwhile, and she also has been an incredible advocate for me in growing my business!

~ Adam Fieldson, Owner, Fieldson Photography

Scaling Within

Kate is both strategic and tactical. I appreciate working with someone that can bring structure and order to my scattered thoughts, fill in my knowledge gaps and help create a clear actionable plan to move forward with.” 

~ Meredith Neumann, Founder, Scaling Within

GL Consulting

Kate DiLeo is an excellent resource to work with on your brand identity. Her creative energy, combined with her masterful ability to pull ideas out of your mind and get it on paper is so incredibly helpful for the process. Kate is able to help you evolve all the ideas and thoughts you may have on your business giving you a platform to establish strong mission, vision, strategies and tactics that provide structure and business and personal brand identity. Thanks Kate, for helping us make it over the finish line with our branding!

~ Mark Lozano, President and CEO, GL Consulting

Dogbones In Motion

Kate helped me get my thoughts and plans out of my head and onto paper, and we worked primarily on brand development for my company, Dogbones In Motion. She is super organized, a master with words, and multi-talented. Her focus on the entrepreneur and small business owner was a perfect fit, both for our work putting brand to paper, as well as accessing additional resources and referrals. She is in the business of helping me see the business I want to create and is truly passionate about partnering with me for my success. Kate is truly enjoyable to work with and I would highly recommend her.

~ Heidi Frey, Owner, Dogbones In Motion

Teresa Cleveland - Entrepreneur

Working with Kate for my Brand Exploration has been a powerful experience for me in the process of establishing my vision for the future.  She was significantly influential in helping me ‘find my voice’ and focus both the direction of my business building and the message it would be delivering. Many of us have that capacity within ourselves and don’t always see the value in paying someone to facilitate what is in our hearts and minds. I found the process literally invaluable. On my own, I find more reasons to be distracted and have an ongoing list of incomplete action steps. The engagement with Kate gave me the ability to take what is within, put it into an action plan that is achievable and realistic. This is something everyone can benefit from. I HIGHLY recommend Kate for this Brand Exploration process and believe the return on investment will be 100-fold. Thank you Kate for you help in solidifying a future I can be proud of.

~ Teresa Cleveland, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Coach

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