The Littlefield Co.

We’re a Charlotte-based video production, photography, and content company that doesn’t want to be labeled as just those two things. Most businesses lack trust and a connection with their target audience. You have worked hard to build your brand, and you feel like you deserve more traction than you’re getting. Our ambitions are bold and our talents are broad, with a team of passionate experts who are focused on telling your brand’s story. The Littlefield Company helps you discover and efficiently tell the story that makes your brand unique, connects with your audience, and showcases your true value. We tell under-told stories.

Duncan Littlefield


Duncan is the CEO of LITTLEFIELD, a company that owns companies such as The Littlefield Company, Paper Airplanes, Large Forest, Sidecar, and critical contributors equity partners to other startups. He is not only an experienced content creator; he is also a character-driven CEO who knows that every companies goal is to create trust. The art of connection is a gift through risk-taking, developing relationships, and living life by your unique DNA. He never turns down a cup of coffee to talk about videography, life, marketing, culture, or executive growth.