Proofpoint Marketing

When it comes to marketing, the only proof you have is revenue–and we're in the business of selling it. Proofpoint Marketing is a fully-distributed, B2B revenue marketing agency based in the Twin Cities, comprised of talented individuals from across the U.S. with a passion for their craft and a deep curiosity toward the ever-evolving digital space. Our capabilities include marketing strategy, marketing analytics, performance content and performance media. We believe marketing means nothing if it doesn’t help you achieve stronger business outcomes. Partner with a high-performing team of revenue marketers who don’t just tout tactics–but prove them. Real. Revenue. Results.

Mike Grinberg and Gaby Israel Grinberg


Mike and Gaby are the co-owners of Proofpooint Marketing, a distributed B2B revenue marketing agency based in the Twin Cities. The pair founded Proofpoint in 2017 following the premature birth of their daughter, as a way to radically change outdated and unfair business practices in the marketing world, of which they both experienced a fair share in their respective careers. Through Proofpoint, their vision is to create a people-first company that prioritizes exceptional work; enables transparency among employees and clients; and fosters flexibility and work-life balance through a remote-working culture. Mike and Gaby are also podcast hosts x2 (Mixing Business with Pleasure, and Show Me The Proof, Get To The Point). Their favorite titles are that of Papa and Mama to their healthy and vibrant daughter Lana Rose, and their fur baby Samson, a German Shepherd mix.