Oxygen Publishing

We Breathe Life Into Your Book. At Oxygen, you’ll discover how easy it is to write, develop and publish your story. Get ready to breathe life into an entirely new world of possibility. Our creativity is driven by the quest to help you imagine, define, shape, cultivate and share the spirit of your story. Why? To help you enhance your life by sharing your voice and impact readers all over the world.

Carolyn Flower

Founder & CEO

Carolyn Flower is a bestselling author, international author mentor, and publisher. She is the Founder and CEO of Oxygen Publishing, an independent publishing agency located in Canada and the UK on a mission to impact the lives of others through the written word. She empowers individuals, experts, and visionary leaders to become the authors of their stories, and publish books to further build authority in the marketplace. The team at Oxygen illuminates your pathway to possibility and creates global opportunities for success. Work with Carolyn and experience her unique ability to draw from you the power of your extraordinary story as well as build belief in your unlimited potential. In record time, you'll not only believe that your story matters, but you'll feel compelled to share it with the world.