Keystone Group International

As a company, Keystones purpose is to help organizations see through the fog and create a plan that ensures their Strategy is strong, their People are engaged, and their Culture a competitive advantage. We know that a strong strategy, high employee engagement, and a healthy culture are not self-sustaining. We must create an operating model and process that allows us to maintain focus in all three areas to drive sustainable growth that’s built on a solid foundation.

Jaime Adam Taets

Chief Vision Officer

A business growth advisor and CEO with a desire to help businesses achieve greater value through focus, vision and effective communication. Experienced with enterprise strategy management and the significant change management effort that parallels any strategic work or changes in direction for a business. As a key strategic partner to my clients, my experience and passion lies in executing on the Vision in a way that is sustainable and helps them achieve Traction and ensure their team is Healthy. My approach involves bringing my 15+ years of business leadership experience to business teams to help them get what they want out of their business in a focused and sustainable way. I work with companies to help them understand how their communication can significantly impact their efficiency and their sales and revenue growth.