Clairant Services, LLC., provides simplified and affordable marketing plans for small businesses and startups. They help companies establish their brand, discover who they are and define what they offer. They help understand ideal target markets for their clients and then grow and evolve their brands utilizing analytics and reporting to help shape future marketing decisions. The team at Clairant teaches small businesses that there is no need to boil the ocean to find success in marketing their products or services. Clairant does this through simplified marketing strategies, building a strong online presence with website design, social media, lead nurturing and email campaigns, videos, blogging and other content strategies. Clairant is based out of New Jersey and was established in 2019. Check out our 5 minute marketing with Clairant series on Youtube!

Desirae Haluk

Founder & CEO

I am a neuroscientist turned marketer and after a journey upward through many positions in the corporate world of marketing, I realized the only way to control my own destiny was to start my own agency. In order to be happy in your career you must persevere throughout the obstacles with which we are faced and don’t look back. Covid hit a few months after quitting a VP level job and starting up my own agency, Clairant Services and becoming a single parent all at the same time. Desperation is a wonderful motivator :) Clairant provides marketing services for startups and small businesses mostly targeting B2B companies. I am 2 years in, winning awards, have over 30 clients and 3 employees. There is no end in sight for the growth of Clairant. My brand is based on my obsession of being a honey beekeeper and understanding the efficiency of their society and innate ability to survive. We can learn a lot from bees!